Issue 3 Of Qadaya Jihadiyya

Issue 3 of Qadaya Jihadiyya is out.  As I’ve said in the past, it’s the slickest of the Jihadi journals.  But this issue is a little thin on original content, indicating that the editors are facing the typical, new journal problem–waning contributions.  

Still, the original content looks interesting as it’s all focused on the global economic turmoil:


  • “Did Bin Laden’s Investment In America Payoff?” (in the “strategic issues” section)
  • “Russia Calls For A New International Economic Order, Freed From American Control”
  • “The Enemy’s Media Creates Confusion To Hide Total Collapse And Humiliating Defeat”
  • “The Serpent’s Head Without Capitalism” (the title is an Arabic pun that doesn’t translate well)


If anyone wants to summarize one or more of the articles, I’ll happily post it up under your name or pseudonym.

Document (Arabic): 11-6-08-hesbah-issue-3-of-qadaya-jihadiyya

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