Jihadi Observations Raid

Ekhlaas member Battar16 is calling others to participate in the awkwardly titled “Jihadi Observations Raid.” The object of the raid is to blast text messages (the “jihadi observations”) to people on their cell phones using Bluetooth.

Battar16 has supplied two messages to kick off the campaign: The first, “Know the Truth” by the prolific Jihadi author Husayn b. Mahmud, is a short rundown of all the dastardly things the Jews are up to in the Middle East; it ranges from the creation of Freemasonry and the Baha’i religion to the bombardment of Nahr al-Barid.

The second text is “They say…we say,” which employs a dialectic format and is very succinct. For example:

They say: Where is Usama and his companions regarding Palestine!

We say: Is Usama closer (to Palestine) or you with respect to the individual duty! [ie if you are closer to Palestine than Usama, then it is more incumbent on you to fight]

They say: We only fight at the command of the rulers.

We say: “God is the master of those who believe…” [Qur’anic verse] and He has commanded (you to fight).

It’s not the most intellectually stimulating stuff, but it is concise and affective–perfect for mass distribution.

Document (Arabic): 6-19-08-ekhlaas-text-campaign

Document (Arabic): know-the-truth-part-of-text-campaign

Document (Arabic): they-say-we-say-part-of-text-campaign

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