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A new Jihadi magazine has been released: Munasir (Defender).  It’s mostly a rehash of old material posted online, which is becoming a common trend.  Several years ago, there were fewer magazines, but they had a lot of original content. Now there are plenty of magazines, but very little original content.

Document (Arabic): 6-19-08-monaser-magazine-issue-1

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2 Responses

  1. Will:

    Is there any regular periodic journal published on Jihadi studies, or counter-terrorism? I know several publications have been made in War Studies, and Policy Studies media venues, but is there a “Journal of Jihadi Studies”? Thanks for the regular posts… You’re our Jihadi news Nick Fury!

  2. Hi Cap’n. Nick Fury? Nice! However, this image is hard to shake loose:


    Too bad Cable is not a spy.

    I’ve thought about starting a journal by that very name. But then I realized that it would require serious work. Moreover, most aspiring academics want to publish their work on Jihadism in established journals to help their tenure chances. Still, it’s definitely worth doing.

    As for a general counter-terrorism journal, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism fits the bill.

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